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Website Monitoring

What is the cost of your website being down?

At first this question seems to apply only to e-commerce sites: While your site is down there is no income from the site. Say you earn $500 000 per month from your site then you are losing $11 for every minute that your site is down.

That is a cost that can be calculated directly, but what of the cost of a customer that never returns to your site? This applies as much to brochureware sites as to e-commerce sites.

Do you know when your website is down?

Do you have any way of knowing when your site is down or are you relying on one of your visitors phoning up to let you know? How long does it take you to find out that your site is down? A few minutes or maybe a few hours? In the example above you would be losing around $700 for every hour that your site is down. That does not include the number of visitors who will not be back and are spending their money with your competitors.

Can you afford not to know when your site is down?

Automated website monitoring

We provide a fully automated monitoring service to check that your site is alive on a regular basis for example every 5 minutes, every 15 minutes or every hour.

Our servers can monitor a number of different services:
DNSChecks that your IP address does not suddenly change. Such a change may indicate a DNS spoofing attack.
PingChecks that the network and firewalls to the web server are working.
HTTP(S)Checks that the web server is responding to requests.
SMTPChecks that your email forwarding agent is working.
POP3Checks that your email server is working.
SNMPWe can monitor any SNMP variables against a threshold you specified.
OtherWe can also monitor other TCP ports as required.

Alarms and escalation

If your site is down, for whatever reason, our server will send you an email and an SMS to notify you of the problem. If you do not respond to either the email or the SMS then an escalation process kicks in and one of our service centre personnel will call a nominated number to check that you have received the alarm.

Once the website is back up again the server will send you an email and an SMS to let you know.

You can also choose to only receive the SMS notifications during normal working hours.


You will receive a regular report, for example weekly or monthly, with the results of the polling. These reports will list all of the failures that were detected including the date, time and duration, as well as the graphs of the download performance of the site.


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